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how to become more effective in your meditation

A successful meditation depends on a relaxed and quiet body and a brain charged with energy. In addition the areas of the brain that facilitate spiritual energies should be activated. One of the problems in meditation is the fact that when the body is relaxed the brain also relaxes. Instead for a good meditation the brain should be highly activated with a relaxed body, in order to penetrate higher consciousness levels.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to aim your brain activation and steer the energy into areas of the brain needed for the training.

  • Charge your brain with energy utilizing the PcE-Training
  • Steer your energy into the spiritual center (third eye) utilizing the SEZ-Training

When you have reached that condition, you will hear a sound during the meditation.

   1.    PcE-Training with the PcE-Trainer
 how to increase brain activity with the PcE-Training
   2.    Training of the SEZ
 increase your meditative powers
   3.    Find the inner Sound
 relaxed and charged with energy with the inner sound

To strengthen your meditation you can download the inner sound for listening. We recommend that you play the sound during meditation. If you frequently listen to it you will enable yourself to generate that sound on your own through memory and visualization.

Download: PcE Power Ton


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