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Training of the SEZ
increase your psychic powers
In the frontal area of the brain (above the eyebrows) is where ideas are born, plans are forged and thoughts combined with associations. The region in the middle of the forehead (third eye) is where consciousness is centered. If we wanted to pinpoint the location of the observer on the map of the brain, it would be where both frontal lobes meet just above the mid-eyebrow. The newest scientific research of the brain confirms what has been known for many centuries, where mystics locate the seat to higher consciousness in the third eye. It was found that in this area feelings are recognized and also analyzed. This center enables us to focus our attention on a particular subject. Foremost it enables us to find meaning in the world around us and in our lives. 
Problems with concentration are the result of underactivity in the frontal lobes. Especially the region of the forehead grew more than any other, when we developed from humanoids to fully human. Today this area occupies 28% of the total brain mass, more than in any other animal. The frontal lobes keep us grounded in the present moment. If this region is very active, we have both feet firmly planted in life. In contrast the two temple bones are the region for altered states of consciousness. If the temples are more active than the frontal lobes, we experience higher consciousness, spiritual and transcendental sensations.

If we are concentrating, we put our hands on the forehead. Instinctively we know that our seat of consciousness and our thinking center is located there. If we remove our consciousness from that center, we get emotionally disturbed and have problems perceiving reality and our environment. The training of the forehead helps with emotional issues, lack of perception and lack of concentration. If you are more focused in that center, your life gains the proper perspective and you can better deal with your environment. A higher activation of the forehead center also increases the ability for higher abstract thinking.

The measurement can be carried out either in a standing or sitting position. Watch your posture and keep the spine erect. Bevor you take the measurments, perform the power exercises, in order to activate your energies. If possible you should try to hear the inner sound.

For this exercise with the PcE-Trainer, you should use the ULP-SEZ Cable.

Plug the connector of the SEZ cable into its receptable:

  • grab the cable connector such that the screw points down.
  • plug the connector into its receptable, the connection should be smooth and easy.
  • grap the collar, push it forward und turn it to the right until it stops.
  • the whole connection should now be solid.

Attach the electrode as part of the cable to the center point of the headband and place it right above the center of your eye brows. Attach the longer red-marked wire to this electrode. Attach the shorter wire to a self-adhesive electrode on the neck.

Turn on the instrument by moving the power switch in the back of the instrument to the position "I". Read the values from the LCD-Displays

Interpret the Readings:    

  • Values in the minus region show activity.
  • The higher the value in the minus region, the higher the activity or energy level at the measurement point, which is the center of your forehead. The faster and the higher you can move the values into the minus region, the more access you have to higher perceptions and your psychic powers will increase.

Exercise as follows:
Change values like with the biofeedback training by utilizing visualization. Think of something specific and watch how the values change. Experiment!

  • Try to move values into the minus region as much as possible, in order to activate your psychic powers.
  • Try to maintain the same value in the presence of external disturbances (i.e.: noise, people approaching, etc.)


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