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Guide Energy with the Hand Cable
increase and decrease the energy in the hands
The training for hand energy will also consciously effect the energy level in the periphery of your body. More energy in your hands results in better circulation, relaxation of your blood vessels, quieter pulse, overall well-being, and your self healing powers increase (energy means regeneration).
This relaxation training deactivates stress symptoms, relaxes blood vessels, improves overall circulation in the body if minus values increase. 

For this training use the ULP-Hand Cable.

Plug the connector of the hand cable into its receptable:

  • grab the cable connector such that the screw points down.
  • plug the connector into its receptable, the connection should be smooth and easy.
  • grap the collar, push it forward und turn it to the right until it stops.
  • the whole connection should now be solid.

Attach all 10 wire ends of the cable to the electrodes with the velco straps. Put all electrodes onto the finger cups. Make sure that the silvery surface touches your finger cups. The red-marked wires should connect to your right hand, and the blue-marked wires to the left hand. The single wire attaches to a stick-on electrode in your neck.
Turn on the instrument by moving the switch in the back of the instrument to position "I". Read the values on the LCD-Displays.

Interpret the Readings:

  • Values with a minus sign show activity.
  • The higher the minus value, the higher the activity and energy in your hands.
  • Values w/o a sign are positive (lack of energy).
  • The higher the plus value, the lower the activity and energy in your hands

Exercise as follows:
Like with the biofeedback training try to change readings with visualization. Think of something specific and watch how the values change. Experiment!

  • Try to move the values into the minus region as much as possible (the higher the better), in order to increase the hand energy. Life energy in the periphery of your body will increase and the self healing powers will become more active in those regions also.


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