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Increase your Healing Powers
You have low selfhealing

Activate natural Energies:
Alternative medicine (biological medicine) has always tried to activate the inherent body energies for the purpose of self healing. Most biological activities are connected to electrical potentials and are directly controlled by them. The ULP-Training aimfully directs or strengthens the flow of inner energy for self healing of the organism.

Every illness influences and weakens our cells. The necessary ion exchange slows down, the metabolism is reduced, toxins accumulate, the cells get sick. Today we know for sure, that in a sick organism cell metabolism, the energetic cell potential , the exchange of charged particles and energy flow are disturbed. These disturbances, according to the latest research, can be eliminated or at least minimized, if a directed flow of energy into these undernourished areas and groups of cells occurs with the help of biofeedback training. The training with the PcE-Trainer activates our self healing powers in the organism by aimfully steering or increasing our inner energies.

Stimulation for Self Healing:
Studies over many years have shown, that every individual is capable, within a short period, to steer the inner energy to any part of the body. This is the result of modern biofeedback methods. With the PcE-Trainer the person doing the training will immediately observe if and in what manner one can influence this inner energy. After a short period of training one will strengthen the self healing powers and direct the energy towards undernourished areas of the body.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to increase life energy, steer it towards particular body regions and thereby increase your self healing powers.

   1.    Measure the Vitality Factor
 to determine the overall energy level of a person
   2.    PcE-Energy Training
 for general increase in energy
   3.    Guide Energy with the Hand Cable
 increase and decrease the energy in the hands
   4.    Guide the Energy with the Triple Cable
 increase or decrease the energy at any part of the body
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