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Balance Your Brain Hemispheres
You are left or right brain dominant

Measurements of the psychogenic cerebral field showed, that certain psychic and physical responses will result from certain functions within the cerebral hemispheres. If i.e. the left hemisphere is underactivated or has been damaged due to injury, people will be depressed, have no drive and generally feel miserable. Even minor excitements will lead to anxieties and panic. The health will decline. If the right hemisphere is underactivated or has been damaged due to injury, the changes will just be the opposite.  People feel well, are relaxed, have an optimistic outlook, are full of drive, even can be euphoric. The overall health will improve. Due to measurements, one discovered that the back part of the right cerebral hemisphere is especially specialized in the perception of feelings.

American laboratory tests have shown, that in mice, when the left cerebral hemisphere was temporarily deactivitated with some chemicals, the production of T-lymphocites was drastically reduced (they are most important for our immune system function). They became sick. The deactivation of the right hemisphere did not affect the production of T-lymphocites, and the mice remained healthy.

Is the right cerebral hemisphere overly activated, the tendency to get sick is very high. This confirms that the brain has a direct influence on our immune system function.

Our measurements clearly revealed, that with every emotion electrical activity in the brain is necessary. Depression, anxiety, lack of drive, etc. are the result of activities in the right hemisphere. If the energy in the left hemisphere is low, this alsmost always leads to catastrophic reactions. The reduction and elimination of right hemisphere overactivity with biofeedback training (i.e.with the PcE-Trainer) and other training methods will very quickly eliminate depressions, anxieties and other psychic disorders, without the use of any medication, because all these conditions are caused by imbalance bwetween the hemispheres. The severity of the depressions, anxieties, etc. also depend on the general type person, vegatonic or sympapathicotonic. This is a genetically inherited trait. Investigations with older people at the University of Duesseldorf Psychiatric Clinic revealed, that depressions coincide with damages in the brain. Comparisons were made with a control group of the same age, using computerized tomography (CT scans). The results showed that depressive patients had extensive physiological changes in the left cerebral hemisphere. We suppose that a lack of mental activity, engagement in life and intellectual challenges led to the shrinkage of left hemisphere brain mass. This resulted in organic and energetic overactivity of the right cerebral hemisphere, leading to old-age depressions. It is scientifically proven, that a reduction in depressions also leads to better immune function. Therefore we can conclude, that a balance of both cerebral hemispheres is a condition for improvement of the immune function.

"In reality we have two souls, 
one left and one right soul."

The left dominant type:

  • argues logically and always has an answer for everything
  • is future oriented
  • never has time and races towards a heart attack
  • any body awareness is foreign
  • ignores any physical symptoms
  • is nervous, restless, hectic, wound up, sometimes euphoric
  • but learns quickly under direction to improve the condition
  • has a tendency towards hypochondria
  • doesn't know what to do with inner visions and feelings
  • The left dominant type likes to be in leadership roles and high management positions. They are task oriented, result oriented, like to work with a list of things to be done. In order to be happy, they need success and recognition, but also order and structure. They have a very rigid vision of their own identity and their goals.
  • problem solving approach: the left dominant type solves problems logically, analytically, step by step. Prefers numbers and facts in a logical sequence. Is interested in technology, finances and accounting, learns from dealing with facts. Easy to be hypnotized.

The right dominant type:

  • talks in feelings, but often in the negative
  • is past oriented
  • tries all kinds of therapies and abandons them again
  • nothing satisfies, is depressive, moody, emotionally unstable and feels sorry for her/him-self
  • is self-descructive, always expects the worst
  • slow learner to improve inner and physical conditions, often frustrating to others
  • many people of this type are very charismatic and extroverted
  • they search for fun activities, like painting, making music, work in the garden, being creative. They think of many things simultaneously, start many activities, need a lot of space. Have a high ability to express themselves, are communicative, often spiritual and inventive, inspire others with their ideas and also get easily inspired by others, are wordy and suggestive.
  • as a child are difficult to educate, because they often have difficulties to distinguish between right and wrong. Under duress, they lack a sense of self-identity, are incapable to seperate feelings from ideas. It is easy to get into a panic and react with helplessness and little self-control. Under constant stress, obesity and hedonism are a problem. Often they believe in destiny and coincidence, without human intervention. When they have a chronic or life threatening illness, tend to be fatalistic.
  • solves problems intuitively, with a sense for the whole. Is open for new ideas and developments, learns from action and observation.

From early childhood on the tendency towards a particular brain dominance is being formed, remaining in that tendency during normal daily activities. A picture is being formed of how the person will see the world. The education program can be tailored to foster talents, gifts and abilities.

The brain dominance can be measured with the PcE-Trainer. When people get older, the brain field will become more rigid, which means that they become less flexible in their behavior and problems will become more severe as a result of one-sided thinking.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to balance brain activity and fight against one-sided tendencies. If you exercise on a regular basis, you will achieve measurable results very quickly.

   1.    Brain Dominance Measurement with the PcE-Trainer
 measure your brain dominance
   2.    Brain Dominance Test (Online-Test)
 test your brain dominance
   3.    Guided Activation of Brain Activity
 balance your cerebral hemispheres

The type of the future: The balanced Whole-Brain Type
The whole-brain type is balanced and usually inconspicuously modest. S/he does not suffer from the extreme tendencies of a hemisphere dominant person. S/he has emotions and knows their origin. S/he is much more conscious of her/his motivations. Unconscious biases are much less descructive then in brain hemisphere domint persons. S/he is creative and logical at the same time, and creativity emerges from utilizing all mental capacities.


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