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Regain your Vitality
You suffer from chronic tiredness

More and more people complain about lack of drive and loss of performance due to fatigue and exhaustion.

Because many young people in management positions are affected by it, it is also called a "yuppie illness". People do not know what the real cause is, but it is estimated that one out of three women, and one out of five men suffer from it. The symptoms are different, but most complain about a constant fatigue with differing ways of dealing with it. The boundary between a real illness and not just feeling well is not clearly delineated. A true diagnosis therefore is difficult to obtain. The chronic fatigue (CFS=chronic fatigue syndrome or also CFIDS=chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome) falls into a different category than "normal fatigue".

According to scientific studies true CFS is extreme fatigue, that lasts for at least six months. Staying in bed does not improve the condition. The day to day activities are curtailed by at least 50%. Other illnesses, that may cause constant fatigue, are generally excluded. Most effected individuals remember the precise moment when the condition started.

Constant fatigue and exhaustion can be caused by disruption in your normal rythm, wrong diet, psychic, professional or private demands.

Side effects of this condition can be:

  • low blood pressure
  • heart and circulation problems
  • metabolism problems like diabetes mellitus
  • thyroid problems
  • iron defficiency
  • liver diseases
  • infections
  • sensitivity to electromagnetic fields (Störung der Zirbeldrüse)
  • rheumatism

Up to now this fatigue condition has been almost impossible to diagnose and is merely subjective. No instruments were capable to detect this condition. This is different with the PcE-Trainer. By measuring the ULP (=ultra-long potential waves) directly on the head we detect the energy condition of both cerebral hemispheres. When you measure yourself while you are fatigued, you will discover that the readings from the PcE-Trainer will show small minus values.

  • you are always under activated
  • you have large energy blockages in neck and shoulders due to muscular tension
  • or you too stressed out before falling asleep (overactivated)

Nothing can effect the energy system of a human being more than muscle tensions. Every impulse, every change in life, every emotion creates stress in our body. These tensions manifest themselves in our muscular system. The muscles are influenced and directed by our nervous system. The muscles, in a broader sense, are the mediator between mind and body. Constant stress and anxieties result in chronic tensions and concurrently to chronic fatigue.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to fight against chronic fatigue and find out which areas of your body are the cause and remove the energy blockages in these areas.

   1.    The Increase of Brain Activity
 general increase of energy
   2.    Train the Thyroid Glands
 to activate the metabolism and against sad, depressive feelings

If you keep your thyroid activated and do the PcE-Training on a regular basis, you will improve your condition even after a short time. Also perform the rune exercises, they help in reducing muscle tensions. 


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