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Improve Learning and Concentration
You have difficulties learning and concentrating

Easy learning and good ability to concentrate are in direct correlation with high energy in the brain.

Successful learning is based on the fact, that learned information (i.e. verbs, formulas, texts, etc.) is stored somewhere in the brain. This happens in three steps: the ultra-short-term memory (1), the short-term memory (2), and then the long-term memory (3) .
In the ultra-short-term memory information only remeins for about 20 seconds. These are usually impressions we recognize on the side (i.e. seeing, hearing, smelling) and which are not of much interest to us. In most cases we are not even consciously aware of them. Three to five of these impressions can be acquired simultaneously and if they are of no interest, will be forgetten very quickly. Fortunately for us, otherwise we would be totally overloaded from all this information. Are the impressions important, they will now move to the short-term memory bank. This happens automatically. The brain needs to receive a signal signifying the importance. This happens because of repetition or because we show special interest in what we acquire. Seven to nine places in this memory bank are available. But even information that has moved to the long-term memory bank after much repetition and special interest, can get lost. Why is that? Research recently has found an answer to that puzzle: forgetting is nothing more than loosing access to the stored information. The activity of learning and later recall can be supported by increasing our degree of concentration. This is where this training will be helpful. With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to consciously help with your learning ability and increase your concentration.

Good concentration is necessary for any successful conquest. What is needed is enough energy in the brain, and easy learning and good retention are the result of this.

   1.    Increase your Brain Activity
 for better learning
   2.    Train the Thyroid Glands
 against fatigue and nervousness

Train on a regular basis with the PcE-Trainer and bring energy into your brain. You profit in all respects: not only learning, concentration and retention will improve, but you will also feel refreshed and and feel more enrgetic.


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