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Relaxation Training for Children
You are a hyperactive child

Nothing effects our life energy more than muscle tensions. Tense muscles and nervous tension dominate our life. Unfortunately many children are also effected. This results in hyper activity. Hyper active children do not have too much energy, as one would suspect, but have energy blockages restricting the free flow of energy. These blockages create stress symptoms and the inability to positively utilize the available energy. The following symptoms usually occur:

  • bodily unrest, lack of concentration, mood swings, wet hands, fast pulse, cold hands and feet, nervousness, muscle tensions, indigestion....

These symptoms can be aim fully counteracted by retraining bodily reactions.

   1.    The basic Relaxation Training
 for body unrest, wet hands, nervousness, muscle tensions, etc.
   2.    Feel your Finger Pulse
 connect yourself with inner body functions
   3.    The Thyroid Glands Training
 against sad, depressive feelings, indigestion, etc.
   4.    Targeted Activation of Brain Function
 supply your brain with more energy

Using the PcE-Trainer you can accurately observe progress and optimally support the training program. Regular exercises and training will bring good results with hyperactive children.


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