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Choose the proper training for yourself
detailed analysis of problem areas and descriptions of application specific training
   1.    Stress Reduction with the PcE-Trainer
 You are an individual under stress
   2.    Relaxation Training for Children
 You are a hyperactive child
   3.    Fight against Dyslexia
 You have problems with dyslexia You have problems with dyslexia You have problems with dyslexia
   4.    You can reduce your Anxieties
 You suffer from phobias
   5.    Improve Learning and Concentration
 You have difficulties learning and concentrating
   6.    Train to become skinny
 You are overweight
   7.    Powerful Training for varicose Veins
 You have varicose veins and heavy legs
   8.    Joy of Life instead Depressions
 You suffer from depressions
   9.    Finally You can sleep again
 You suffer from sleep disorders
   10.    Regain your Vitality
 You suffer from chronic tiredness
   11.    Balance Your Brain Hemispheres
 You are left or right brain dominant
   12.    Improve Your Stamina
 You have low willpower
   13.    Increase Your Life Energy
 You feel low in energy
   14.    Increase your Healing Powers
 You have low selfhealing
   15.    Improve Your Immune System
 You have a weak immune system
   16.    Increase Intuition and Spirituality
 You have weak psychic powers
   17.    Reduce Pain
 You suffer from pain
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