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Photos of the PcE-Trainer
a large selection of photos to look at
   1.    Photos of the PcE-Trainer
 the instrument by itself
   2.    Photos of the PcE-Trainer outdoors
 the instrument by itself, captured in nature
   3.    Photos of the standard Attachments of the PcE-Trainer
 what is being shipped with the PcE-Trainer
   4.    Photos during ULP-Measurements with the PcE-Trainer
 the ultra slow potentials (=ULP) are being measured
   5.    Photos of ULP-Measurements done Outdoors
 How you can use the PcE-Trainer outside of your home
   6.    Dowsing with the PcE-Trainer
 Gerhard H. Eggetsberger in search of water
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