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How to use the E-MOR Generator

Wet the elastic sleeves with plenty of water and put them over the copper tubes. Put one electrode into each hand and turn on the unit. One application should last for about 7 minutes. Repeat this procedure for a total of three times, with a break of at least 3 to 5 minutes. A slight tingling might be felt in the hands, but does not happen every time.

 Warning! The elastic sleeves should have plenty of moisture to reduce the contact resistance. It is recommended to wash the elastic sleeves with pure water.

Persons with pacemakers should not use the E-MOR-Generator. If you are uncertain about the use of this instrument because of health reasons, you should consult with your physician. In general all symptoms of any kind should be discussed with your doctor. It should be clarified if any of the symptoms require medical attention.The instrument can only be used with a battery.

We shall not be held liable for the wrong use of this device. 


When using this unit you acknowledge that you have
educated yourself and are aware that it is a research
instrument. You further acknowledge you take full
responsibility for all results from the use of this unit.

IPN is not liable in any way


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