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The IPN E-MOR Generator
The Instrument for the Elimination of Parasites (Zapper)

The instrument for the elimination of parasites, the E-MOR Generator, is an electrical generator, powered from a 9 volt battery and operating in the kHz frequency range. This unit eliminates most body parasites, through resonance with micro-organisms. The applied current does not get into the intestines, the gall bladder, the kidneys, etc. Any parasites residing in gall or kidney stones will not be eliminated.

   1.    Introduction
 What is the E-MOR Generator
   2.    A revolutionary Technology
 What is so special about the E-MOR Generator
   3.    How does it work
 according to Dr. H. R. Clark - Effect on Humans
   4.    Application
 How to use the E-MOR Generator
   5.    Package Contents
 What you get for your money
   6.    Photos of the IPN E-MOR Generator
 different Photos, get a better look at the E-MOR Generator
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