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How about the effects on the environment?

How about the effects on the environment?

Many studies have been conducted examining the adverse effects of fluoride on the Eco-system. In 1995, the CEPA identified the now closed Brunswick Mining and Smelting Fertilizer Plant in Belledune, NB as having the largest discharge of fluoride to the aquatic environment in Canada. Toxicity to marine bacteria and impaired reproduction effects were demonstrated... Agriculture Canada (1976) found that 25 out of 36 cattle located on several Cornwall Island farms in the Saint Regis Quebec region displayed real or potential symptoms of chronic fluorosis. A subsequent study of livestock in this region reported stiffness and inflamed leg joints, dental fluorosis, osteosclerosis, osteonecrosis and bone deformations.

Many serious toxic and detrimental effects to plants and animal species have been documented, salmon populations in particular being in the high-risk category.

IT'S A TOXIC WASTE! Think about it - day after day, millions of tons of fluoride are "legally" released into the environment, especially in fluoridated areas. Showers, toilet flushes, lawn sprinkling...As a result of the original Manhattan Project logic, industries, now mainly the fertilizer and aluminium industries, have a perfect way to release their hazardous and toxic waste. It would cost up to $US 8,000 per truckload to dispose of this hazardous waste. At a rate of emissions into the air of 155,000 tons/year, in addition to an estimated 500,000 tons of emissions into lakes, ocean, rivers (not counting fluoridation) - it's obvious that industry saves billions and billions of dollars.


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