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Geopathic Measurements
measure the power of stimulating energy fields

The roots of dowsing can be traced back through the mists of ancient time. People use Y rods, usually forked Hazel branches ("Wishing Rods") or a pendulum to look for water, precious metals or geopathic zones, that might be detrimental to health.

For the dowser, using a rod or a pendulum, it is important to remain highly focused without being disturbed by outer or inner influences. Only a small percentage of people have the ability to achieve good results.

with the help of the PcE-Trainer it is now possible 
to make visible the influence of geopathic stress
as well as places of high energy!

Today by using the latest biophysical measurement instruments, you can measure the influence of geopathic stress, as well as power places with very high energy. The human being is at the center of the instrument. S/he is the antenna of the receiving system, being influenced by these energies, even if the person is conscious of the influence or not. Using the human being as a measurement tool for these influences, one can find stressful places detrimental to health both at home and at work, and also places of high energy, so called power places. With a little practice and some skill by using the PcE-Trainer, one can find even slight variations in field strength.

One speaks of geopathic stress, which means that energy from the environment can cause illnesses, sleep disorders or burn-out symptoms. The symptoms are stronger for sensible persons with vegetative reactions.

After many experiments, one comes to the conclusion, that avoiding these places will eliminate the symptoms. With the help of the measurement instrument, we can now find places which we should avoid and places we should prefer.

It is well known, that one can also find places of very high energy, so called power places. History has shown that until about 300 years ago, it was quite common to locate such places and utilize them for special purposes.

In centuries past, churches and monasteries were built at such places, also fortifications. Our forefathers knew so much more about these positive influences and how to utilize them. Helpful was also the fact that the earth magnetic field was much stronger (the strength decreased considerably in the last 500 to 1000 years).

Even today we can watch sensitive persons preferring a certain spot in their living area or outside in nature. They are drawn to these spots, because they give them energy and vitality. These places allow them to be active over a longer period of time without signs of exhaustion or fatigue, different from other places they know.

Be aware: for a prolonged presence the power of such a place should be relatively weak. Too much of a good thing can also be detrimental! Very high power places will drain energy after some time. The first 15 to 20 minutes will give you extra energy, after that you might feel uncomfortable with symptoms of nervousness and headaches.

Geopathic stress, either dependant on locality or of a technical nature (electro smog), can turn initial mild symptoms into a chronic disease with organ damage.

The Application with the PcE-Trainer:

Do not approach the initial measurements with too high an expectation. Not everybody reacts the same to external influences. Conduct a few tests in order to find the best measurement setup for yourself individually.

The three possible measurement setups are:

  1. Measurement of the frontal lobes (standard measurement).
  2. Measurement of the temples (standard measurement but with movement of two electrodes), best suited for power places.
  3. Measurement of hand energy (with ULP-Hand Cable), best suited for sensitive people.

After you have chosen one of three measurement setups, slowly approach the targeted area for measurement.

  • Positive reactions will move one or both readings of the LCD displays towards negative values. This is a sign for inner well-being, the body relaxes and muscle tensions disappear, the inner self expands towards the outer positive energy.
  • Negative reactions will move one or both readings of the LCD displays towards positive values. This is a sign that energy from the periphery is drawn to the inside, unwilling to confront the outer negative influence.

Suitable experiments:

  • Underground water veins, in particular crossings of two or more veins (in some cases you may find veins without a negative influence),  underground faults, changes in rock formations, underground cavities, mineral deposits, electrical cables, power places.


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