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Training of the Temples
increase your psychic powers even more

For the purpose of doing the temple training the position of the electrodes on the supplied headband has to be changed. Remove the two electrodes from the back and place them such that they would touch the temple bones on each side. 
Take the longer wires and attach them to the electrodes you just moved (the blue one to the left and the red one to the right). The shorter wires attach to the front electrodes as before (the blue shorter one to the left, the red shorter one to the right).

Plug the connector of the dual cable into its receptable:

  • grab the cable connector such that the screw points down.
  • plug the connector into its receptable, the connection should be smooth and easy.
  • grap the collar, push it forward und turn it to the right until it stops.
  • the whole connection should now be solid.

Turn on the instrument by moving the power switch in the back of the instrument to the position "I". Read the values from the LCD-Displays

Interpret the Readings:

  • Values with a minus sign show activity.
  • The higher the minus value, the higher the activity in the temples. The faster and the higher you can change the readings, the more you have access to higher realizations and it is easier to find harmony or inner peace.

Exercise as follows:
Change values like with the biofeedback training by utilizing visualization. Think of something specific and watch how the values change. Experiment!

  • Try to move values into the minus region as much as possible, in order to effortlessly achieve inner harmony or peace.
  • Try to maintain the same value in the presence of external disturbances (i.e.: noise, people approaching, etc.)


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