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Find the inner Sound
relaxed and charged with energy with the inner sound

The inner sound is an important facilitator for further development of the nervous system.

The inner energy (kundalini), as described in yoga literature, consists of a stimulus or energy form, originating at the base of the spine (Pc-Muscle) and running along the spine to the brain. The inner energy rising along the spine ideally fills several centers (chakras) also with energy. These centers are along the main nerve strands, which are also being filled with energy. Finally the energy reaches the brain. When sufficient energy reaches the brain, one notices a sound similar to the sound of a snake. This is the reason why Indian wise men called this energy snake power. The flow of energy, once it has reached the brain, will continue in a downward mode along the front of the body. This will close the energy circle.
In classical yoga literature, but also in other spiritual systems that deal with life energy and meditation, one perceives an inner tone by removing natural blockages, i.e. during meditation. Can a person perceive this sound in every situation and under all circumstances, we would call this person as having awakened spiritual consciousness. Is the person in union with this inner sound, and can the sound be excited by repeating a certain syllable, the nervous system will be positively activated. This is equivalent to a higher energy level. Besides the activation of inner energy, the perception of the inner sound is a cornerstone of any training in life energy.

With the Sound of Life Energy to Well-Being and inner Calm: 
When the body is totally relaxed and the brain is charged with high energy, one can under ideal conditions, perceive a sound inside the head. It is a moderate level sound like a hissing sound (in the 7 to 9 kHz range), comparable to the chirping sound of a cricket or the sound of an electric motor running at high speed or just like pink noise. In the beginning this ancient sound is very faint, barely noticeable. Unconsciously we remember this sound from the womb, where it was a constant companion while we waited several months to be borne. It reminds us of deep comfort and rest. It was there from the very beginning. All anxieties, all worries and problems came later. Because of that hearing the sound can lead us back to this first experience of a pure untouched  condition. Hearing the sound can bring us back to this pure untouched condition. The sound can cause an inner regression leading us back to inner security and openness. Some people fear, when they suddenly hear this sound for the first time, that they suffer from tinnitus, a very unpleasant condition. The perception of the sound is usually in the middle of the head at the plane of the ears, but sometimes moved to left or right side. As part of our studies with the PcE-Exercises we discovered, that the sound is only noticeable, when the brain is highly charged, when the body is totally relaxed and one is open to the outside. You become conscious of the sound only after a full relaxation of the body muscles, or through the rhythmic contraction of the Pc-Muscle. Chanting, which has nothing do to with breathing or the heart pulse, brings a feeling of lightness, as if your whole inner being is being lifted. People who are familiar with meditation or the PcE-Training, add more variation in sounds. The old Germans and celtics called this sound the "astral sound", or the sound from the other world (autre monde). Listening to this sound supposedly opens the door to the "autre monde". The Indians call this sound Nadabrahma, the divine sound, or the sound of the snake power kundalini.

If you never consciously perceived your inner sound, you just simply have to search for it. The sound is always there, but gets masked out because of  the noise of our daily routine, the anxieties and worries. The best time to hear this sound is just after waking up, or shortly after going to bed, if you are relaxed and listen into the sound. It is most important to relax shoulders, neck, forehead and jaws. Take your time in your search for this inner sound. Once you have heard this sound, it is very easy to reactivate it, in any life situation. It was found, that if you are under stress, just imagine this inner sound, and your worries will disappear immediately. We also found that the perception of the inner sound will calm you, when you feel anxious, too excited or even aggressive. One can conclude, that the inner sound is in unison with tranquility and a happy, open mood. If you do not have enough experience with the inner sound, you can lose it as a result of your daily struggles. Pressures, worries, negative attitudes or moods can make the sound disappear. Whereas the original sound will always be with you if you are tranquil, relaxed, happy and full of energy.

You should be able to always perceive the inner sound
Utilize the inner sound as your natural feedback system. Before you start with the PcE-Meditation, try to perceive the sound in your head. This initially faint and even sound does not change with pulse rate or your breathing, or your blood pressure, can be discovered by listening into it. Once you perceive the sound, it means you are totally relaxed and your head is free. This enables you to receive more energy from within and from outside. In practice this means, that you listen into yourself, until you perceive the sound and hold on to it, by softly concentrating on it. If the sound level increases, you are doing fine, but if the sound level decreases again or disappears, it means you are tensing up. The tensions are mostly muscular in nature and occur in shoulders, neck and forehead. Try to control these muscles and remove the blockages. It was found helpful, to tighten these muscles even more for just a few seconds, and then relax them again with rocking motions and head circling. Once you are relaxed again, listen into yourself and hold on to the inner sound. The sound should become stronger and easier to perceive. Practice the activation for several weeks, and you should be able to hear the sound in noise or when under stress, whenever you desire. This is now your natural feedback system, which is available to you at any time. You can always check, what your present state is and determine, if you are under stress, when the sound can not be perceived. If you suppress your inner sound, you subject yourself to the rhythms of life with its worries, pressures and anxieties. Check several times during the day, if you perceive the inner sound, and within a short time, you have the capacity to restore inner calm and tranquility at will.
Where and how does the inner sound originate?
How this sound originates is still very unclear. One thing we do know is, that the sound is perceived in the center of the temple bones and is also generated there. This increases the energy flow in that part of the brain and distributes to the rest of the brain. The discovery of the PcE effect and the potential measurements with the PcE-Trainer revealed to us, that as soon as the inner sound is perceived, the centers of the temples become totally transparent and enables the person to tap into higher consciousness. We were totally fascinated in our research of life energy when we discovered, that the inner sound leads to a higher activation of energy. 

The temples for some time now have become a preferred research topic with many neurologists and biologists, for a good reason. Anybody who is interested in extraordinary capacities and perceptions, needs to study the function of the temples.

At the end of the sixties the South-African Gordon Nelson recoded EEG signals from trance subjects and noticed special EEG activities in the temples. It was later found, that electric discharges in the temples can  alter the way information is perceived, enabling the person to become conscious of perceptions, that would normally go right into the unconscious without ever being recognized.

EEG-Research of Qigong- Masters with simultaneous PET scans of regional blood flow in the brain showed also, that during Qigong the temples and the Hippocampus (these two brain areas work together) were highly activated, whereas the rest of the brain remained quiet. Our lab test revealed, that as soon as one increases the UL-potentials of the temples with biofeedback (focus), people experience extrasensory perception. The inner sound is just one of the possibilities, to consciously activate the temples in a controlled manner. This means: if you can activate the inner sound and direct your attention inward (i.e. with the PcE syllable), you can not only further increase your inner energy, but also during your meditation remove any barriers or filters to higher perceptions.

Perception of the inner Sound
What is the mechanism of increased energy when we hear the inner sound?

We have to observe the function of our sense organs, especially the hearing, more closely.

The brain receives electrical potentials through the action (stimuli) of all sensory organs.
This means that every sensory organ generates a flow of energy to the brain (certain sections of the brain) which charges the brain.

The proven strongest energy producer is our hearing and the connected brain area. The ears with 90% of the energy production of all sensory organs to the cortex is the most important. This is mostly due to the reception of higher frequencies (4000 to 8000 Hz and higher). The perception of these higher frequencies generates a high rate of impulses, which charge the brain (mainly the temples and the frontal lobes). This can be verified with ULP measurements of these areas with the PcE-Trainer.

These brain charges mean: awakened consciousness, better thinking and learning, positive life attitude, better memory, more will-power. In one word: more vitality, creativity and enjoyment of life.

Download: PcE Power Ton
For the benefit of your meditation, you can download a recording of an inner sound for listening. We recommend that you play the sound during meditation. If you listen to it more frequently, it will be easy for you to invoke the sound through mere imagination and remembrance. 


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