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PcE-Training with the PcE-Trainer
how to increase brain activity with the PcE-Training

activate your inner power station

The Pc-Muscle (pubococcygeus-muscle) is located in the lower pelvis between the pubis and the anus, supports the inner organs and prevents them from subsiding. The muscle is controlled by the pudendum nerve, which also registers the activities of the sex organs and the anus, sends the signals to the brain and receives signals from it. If one contracts this muscle, energy will flow along the spine and will spread to the whole nervous system. With repeated contractions the brain will be increasingly charged with energy, verified with measurements taken with the PcE-Trainer. We developed the PcE-Training based on these revolutionary findings. The training basically consists of some body postures (rune exercises) which harmonize inner energy flow and reduce energy blockages, and proper contraction and relaxation of the lower pelvic muscle, which acts as an "energy generator". With these simple exercises you will learn to activate your energy system and bring more energy into your brain.

If the Pc-Muscle is strong, it becomes the greatest source of energy, truly a power house for the individual.


  • Sit down in a chair, put on the headband with the cable. Put some gel between the electrodes and the scalp and turn on the PcE-Trainer instrument. 

  • Make a note of the initial readings
    i.e.: Start: left -20 right 30
  • Contract the Pc-Muscle for 3 seconds. This is the muscle between pubis and anus, it is the same muscle that stops urination midstream. If you do it correctly, it gives the sensation that the whole lower pelvis is raised.
  • At the same time inhale slowly and evenly. If this seems too long, because your Pc-Muscle is too weak, start with one or two seconds. While you exhale, release the contraction in the muscle completely.

Slow PcE Exercises:

  • In the beginning repeat this 10 times, as long as you can do it, but not for more than 10 minutes. As soon as stamina and strength increase (after about one week), increase the time of contraction, until you count from 1 to 10. Release for the same length of time. The relaxation of the muscle is as important as the contraction.Repeat this sequence for 5 minutes.
  • Watch the readings and notice the difference during contraction: i.e.: left -30 right 20
  • It is the Aim of this Training, by contracting and relaxing the Pc-Muscle, to bring the readings as far as possible and as quickly as possible into the region of Minus Values.
  • Notice the readings at the end of the slow exercises.
  • After the first five minutes pause for one minute.

Fast PcE Exercises:

  • Notice the readings before you begin with the fast exercises.
  • Now you contract and relax the Pc-Muscle very quickly for 10 times in a row. Initially you may not be sure, if you just contracted or released the muscle, but after some exercises, your body consciousness will increase and you will be able to track the action of the Pc-Muscle.
  • Notice the readings and watch the changes during each contraction i.e.: left -45 right o to left -46 right -1
  • It is the Aim of this Training, by contracting and relaxing the Pc-Muscle, to bring the readings as far as possible and as quickly as possible into the region of Minus Values.
  • Note the readings at the end of this phase i.e.: left -50 right -10

If the values obtained have moved more towards the negative as a result of these exercises, then you executed them correctly and the energy in the brain has increased. If the values increased initially, but went lower again shortly after that, this means, that the exercises were executed properly, but your pc-Muscle needs to be strengthened more in order to retain the energy.
If the values decrease in general during the exercises, this could be either because you were unable to contract the Pc-Muscle, or because you have such strong energy blockages in your back, spine, neck or shoulders, that the energy got stuck in that area and did not reach the brain. In this case do the 6 rune exercises after this one, in order to loosen some of the muscle groups and improve the energy flow.

Repeat the first part of the exercise 10 times (10 contractions, count 1 to 10, release entirely, etc.). This should take about 5 minutes, followed with 1 minute of rest. Following are 10 quick contractions. One more time the whole sequence. Do not get discouraged, if in the beginning you are unable to do everything as described. After each day of exercise, your strength and stamina will increase and your Pc-Muscle will get stronger. Some women will feel a slight pulling in the lower pelvis, similar to the way it feels when you have the period. This only means that the Pc-Muscle is reacting, which is normal.
After a period of daily exercises, observe if any tingling sensations can be felt in the spine or on the forehead between the eyes. This sensation could be similar to an electric shock. If during the exercise you can feel the rise of energy (all the way to the head), this only means that all seven chakras are free of major blockages.If you do not feel anything during the exercise, you have some energy blockage. Rune exercises 1-6 will help you with this.

Exercise for one week, twice a day, for 15 minutes. Do not expect any miracles, because it takes some time for the Pc-Muscle to strengthen again. Please watch carefully, that no other muscle groups contract during the exercise, i.e. thigh, stomach, or pelvis muscles. After about one week, but not later than two to three weeks, you should be able to do about 300 contractions daily. The Pc-Muscle will only improve, if you exrcise regularly. Therefore you should allow 15 minutes twice a day for these exercises.

In practice, these muscle exercises can be done almost anywhere, standing, walking, lying down or sitting in front of the TV. In the restaurant, car, train or during sex. Nobody will notice, that you contract your Pc-Muscle, because this can happen totally unnoticed to anybody. If others can notice, what you are doing, then you contract other muscle groups.

Like with any other training program, it is good advice to start slowy and increase the intensity as time goes on. This will eliminate soreness in the Pc-Muscle. Should this occur nonetheless, put in 1 or 2 days of rest. After that resume your exercises with 300 contractions per day, with about 100 per individual exercise. From now on, it is sufficient to exercise whenever you think about it and when you perform your daily PcE exercises. It is helpful, to perform the base exercise when you do a task not requiring your full attention. After a while counting is not necessary anymore, because the exercises have become more automatic. Regular PcE Training will maintain your Pc-Muscle in good shape. But you can always exercise in between, knowing that it will be benificial to your health.


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