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Inner Peace
resonate with positive forces

A very special frequency is the frequency of 7.83 Hertz.
Around us is an electrostatic field, which is coupled to the isoelectric field of the earth. The earth ionosphere has the lowest resonant frequency at 7.83 Hertz. This is equivalent to the speed of light divided by the earth circumference. Optimum propagation occurs at that frequency. Research has revealed, that it is this frequency in the human EEG, that is dominant in a deep meditative state. Our body with its meridians, our brain with the pituary in particular, is an electromagnetic resonance system. This system can be excited through waves of similar frequencies, also called wave packets. It is therefore plausible, that humans in a deep meditative state will resonate with the external earth field and enable a higher exchange of energy and information with the external energies.

The fields surrounding the globe, including the influence of the sun.
The wavelength of the earthfield is very long, about 40,000 km or 25,000 miles, this is equivalent to the circumference. This means, that any signals introduced into this field will circle the globe in 1/7th second riding on this electrostatic field. A wave of such a long wavelength knows no obstacles and encounters hardly any losses in amplitude even over long distances. It penetrates everything, concrete, metal, water, our body and other electromagnetic fields. It is the ideal carrier wave for information (intuition and spiritual perception can therefore easily develop). If an electrically charged body oscillates at around 7.83 Hz, it will couple with the electrostatic field of the earth. All individuals resonating close this this frequency will be elevated to the same plane as the planetary field. Every body generating this frequency will synchronize others and help them to achieve resonance. The signal strength increases with every additional participant. Because of the different time zones around the globe, there are always some individuals resonating with this planetary frequency.

If you lock in with this 7,83 Hz wave you will achieve complete harmony and inner peace. You do not expend your own energy and your body will draw energy from the external field. This will cause an enormous boost in energy and all suggestions made under this condition will be that much more effecctive.

In order to optimally prepare for this inner peace meditation, you can train your spiritual centers, your third eye region and the temples with the help of the PcE-Trainer.

   1.    Training of the SEZ
 open your spiritual centers
   2.    Training of the Temples
 increase your psychic powers

In order to reinforce the inner peace meditation you can download a recording of the 7.83 Hz frequency for listening. We recommend that you play this recording during the meditition using headphones. While you are connected to the PcE-Trainer you should register a significant activation in both temples causing the readings to increase in minus values. If you listen to the recording more frequently, you should be able to generate this oscillation on your own just using imagination or remembrance.

Download: PcE Resonanz 7,83 Hz


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