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Biofeedback Training with the PcE-Trainer
increase brain activity with biofeedback training

In the energetic physiology of traditional chinese medicine one has discovered thousands of years ago, that besides muscles, lymphatic, circulatory and nervous systems, there are also non-material influences at work. These are subject to human energies. As long as sufficient energy (or the right amount of energy) flows through the whole organism, our body will be balanced and in a state of a healthy energy condition. As soon as the energy flow diminishes, the balance has been lost and the body becomes ill. This is where the power training comes in. Just like it is described in traditional chinese medicine there are situations where there is too much or not enough energy, which we can measure. If too little energy is the problem, with training we will increase the energy level. If too much energy is the problem, with training we will decrease the energy level (i.e. with sleep disorders). The following description of the training will reveal for instance how the inner energy will be raised for the purpose of activation.

The principle of biofeedback ...

It is wellknown that our body has regulatory mechanisms and systems, that function autonomously: breathing, heart beat, etc. It is also known, that those systems can be influenced by thoughts and experiences. If for instance you were frightened, you hold your breath, if you feel embarassed, your head turns red, or if you think about a lemon, your mouth gets all watery.

Research results have shown, that it is possible, to consciously influence autonomous functions of the body, if you put your attention to it. For the attempt to influence bodily functions and bring about changes it is very important that no coersion or performance pressure is applied, instead one needs to be relaxed as possible.

This is called passive willpower.

Relaxation is important, because it is only in this condition that most positive changes can take place. It is also helpful, if one can visualize the affected bodypart.

The operating principles of the autogenic training are very helpful indeed.

All thoughts have the power to become reality. The right interplay between tension and relaxation is important for our weel-being. Because of that we train with biofeedback both for tension=activity (highest possible minus value) and relaxation=passivity (highest possible plus value).

This is the correct Training:

  • Use a notepad for the biofeedback training
  • Sit down in a chair, put on the headband, connect the electrodes with the headband cable and connect the cable to the PcE-Trainer instrument. Put some gel between your scalp and the electrodes, turn on the instrument.


  • Note the initial readings left and right:
    i.e.: Start: left -20 right 30
  • Start to experiment with different thoughts. Think of positive events and also negative ones (i.e. your mother, your mate, successes, failures, pleasant memories, ...)
  • Note the changes:
    Pleasant memory i.e.: left -30 right 20
  • Think of something unpleasant:
    (i.e.: failures, stresses, exams, ...)
    Note the changes:
    Unpleasant situation i.e.: left 0 right 40
  • Watch the correlation between emotions and bodily sensations and the readings of the PcE-Trainer


  • After you discover which thought has resulted in the strongest reaction, retain this thought until the readings on the PcE-Trainer are ideal (=most notable change)
  • Note the latest readings.

Train on a daily basis:

  • The Goal of the Training is to bring Changes in Readings more and more under your conscious Control (reflex response).
  • Utilize these acquired capabilities to intentionally activate (highest possible minus value)

more tips:

  • Take time for the training, and get to know yourself in all different emotional situations
  • Only if you become conscious of your problem areas can you intentionally counteract through focused training (=desensitize)
  • Always end your training with a positive experience (success) 
  • Do not put yourself under pressure to perform
  • Do not train for more than half an hour

How should your Suggestions (=Imagination) be ?

  • formulate short sentences
  • try to feel and think into the body part you want to change

"I am full of vitality, full of energy, my head is free and clear, I am fully alert and awake, my reactions are quick, I am loose and relaxed, I am calm and composed, my thoughts are tranquil and quiet"

Why are these creative suggestions so effective?

Almost everybody constantly produces inner pictures that create different bodily reactions. But most people have not recognized that fact and the reactions are usually negative, because they are unconscious.
With biofeedback and the latest measurement capalities of the PcE-Trainer, it is now possible to recognize the effects of suggestions, thoughts and feelings, train them and utilize them to positive advantage. For instance if one suggestion leads to relaxation, this can be repeated and trained until the desired result has been achieved.

TIP: Biofeedback is the interaction between mind and body, therefore it is important to constantly monitor the readings of the instrument. That is the only way to see the effectiveness of your exercises. NEVER close your eyes.


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