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Brain Dominance Measurement with the PcE-Trainer
measure your brain dominance

Your brain hemisphere dominance can be determined very easily with the PcE-Trainer. Proceed as follows:

  • Sit down
  • Put on the headband with cable
  • Turn on the instrument 

The LCD-Display readings show your momentary energy status

  • The left reading shows the Activity of the left Hemisphere
  • The right reading shows the Activity of the right Hemisphere

If your Activity in the left Hemisphere is higher, then you are Left Brain dominant

If your Activity in the right Hemisphere is higher, then you are Right Brain dominant

  • Readings w/o sign are Plus Values (Relaxation) and
  • Readings with a minus sign are Minus Values (Activity)
  • 0 corresponds to the transition between Activity and Passivity (Relaxation)


  • higher Minus Values indicate higher Activity 

  • higher Plus Values (w/o sign) indicate higher Relaxation

Why a minus sign for Activity?
The more active a cell, the higher the number of electrons. Electrons are negatively charged particles and produce a negative charge

Measurement Examples:

  • left reading -50, right reading -30 : Left Brain dominant
  • left reading -30, right reading  10: Left Brain dominant
  • left reading  30, right reading  10: Right Brain dominant

After you have discovered what your brain dominance is, you can start with the brain balancing training.


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