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Train the Thyroid Glands
to activate your metabolism

... and for sadness, depressive feelings and poor digestion.

The metabolism enhancing effect of the ULP-Biofeedback training of the thyroid potentials happens because the thyroid gets activated and has better circulation. This is only possible if the food contains enough of the element iodine. In some areas food with enough iodine is hard to get. You should get additional iodine as a supplement, unless you suffer from an overactive thyroid. Some algaes contain plenty of iodine in addition to many other important nutrients and minerals. Another source of iodine is fish. Consult with your physician if in doubt.

It is the job of your body to convert iodine into certain hormones, store them, and release them into the blood stream. These thyroid hormones regulate the whole metabolism of the body.

The thyroid glands are easy to get to, located on your throat just below the adam's apple (larynx). With a weight of 20 to 25 grams it is a very important gland to keep the body alive. The glands have many blood vessels. The thyroid with it's secretion of hormones plays an essential role in the basic metabolism of the body and functionally interacts with all other glands. It plays a key role in the growth of the body and also gives impulses for our intelligence. People with an overactive thyroid can eat plenty of food without gaining weight.

The thyroid glands regulate the metabolism and are responsible for the overall energy level in the body. Will-power and self-assertion are dependent on the function of the thyroid. 

For this training with the PcE-Trainer use the ULP-Triple Cable.

Plug the connector of the triple cable into its receptable:

  • grab the cable connector such that the screw points down.
  • plug the connector into its receptable, the connection should be smooth and easy.
  • grap the collar, push it forward und turn it to the right until it stops.
  • the whole connection should now be solid.

Attach the red-marked end of the cable to a stick-on electrode and place it on the right side just below the adam's apple. Attach the blue-marked end of the cable to a stick-on electrode and place it on the left side just below the adam's apple. Attach the third wire of the cable to a stick-on electrode placed on the neck. Turn on the instrument by moving the power switch in the back of the instrument to the position "I". Read the values from the LCD-Displays

Interpret the Readings:

  • Values with a minus sign show activity.
  • The higher the minus value, the higher the activity in the thyroid.
  • Values w/o a sign are positive (lack of energy).
  • The higher the plus value, the lower the activity in the thyroid.

Exercise as follows:
Change values like with the biofeedback training by utilizing visualization. Think of something specific and watch how the values change. Experiment!

  • In order to stimulate the thyroid try to move values into the minus region as much as possible. This will result in a more active thyroid and an improved metabolism. You will feel more active and have more energy. This will make it that much easier to do physical exercises. You will loose weight as a result.


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