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Feel your Finger Pulse
connect yourself with inner body functions

This very simple, but quite helpful exercise, will show you how easy it is to make contact with your own body functions. With the help of this technique you can improve your body awareness and prepare yourself for further biofeedback training. Using this "feeling your finger pulse" technique you can make contact with your inner body functions at any time.

Put the fingers of both hands together, close your eyes for just a moment, and change the pressure between the fingers until you can feel your pulse at the contact point. Remain in that position and begin to breathe slowly and evenly. After a while you will notice that the sensation of your pulse will become stronger. Now start to count your pulse, always from 1 to 10. Reaching 10 start over again counting from 1, or any time your thoughts are drifting. The pulse rate is not important, only the concentration upon the pulse itself. While you put your focus on your body, the following side effects will occur:

  • Tensions will melt away
  • The blood vessels will expand
  • The hands will get warmer
  • The pulse rate will drop
  • Any head aches or slight migrane will disappear
  • Unrest will be reduced
  • Body consciousness will increase


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