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At the end of the sixties the southafrican Gordon Nelson recoded EEG signals from trance subjects and noticed special EEG activities in the temples. It was later found, that electric discharges in the temples can  alter the way information is perceived, enabling the person to become conscious of perceptions, that would normally go right into the unconscious without ever being recognized.

In the frontal area of the brain (above the eyebrows) is where ideas are born, plans are forged and thoughts combined with associations. The region in the middle of the forehead (third eye) is where consciousness is centered. If we wanted to pinpoint the location of the observer on the map of the brain, it would be where both frontal lobes meet just above the mid-eyebrow. The newest scientific research of the brain confirms what has been known for many centuries, where mystics locate the seat to higher consciousness in the third eye. It was found that in this area feelings are recognized and also analyzed. This center enables us to focus our attention on a particular subject. Foremost it enables us to find meaning in the world around us and in our lives. 
Problems with concentration are the result of underactivity in the frontal lobes. Especially the region of the forehead grew more than any other, when we developed from (Hominiden) to fully human. Today this area occupies 28% of the total brain mass, more than in any other animal. The frontal lobes keep us grounded in the present moment. If this region is very active, we have both feet firmly planted in life. In contrast the two temple bones are the region for altered states of consciousness. If the temples are more active than the frontal lobes, we experience higher consciousness, spiritual and transcendental sensations.

The human brain reveals its secrets only very slowly.
With biofeedback training and other supporting modalities it is possible today to shape your mental condition such, that the life of the individual can be created into any desired form. The power training enables scientific methods of immense practical and social significance, because it opens the door to mentally recreate ourselves, so far only dreamed of in science fiction. It is now possible to alter your individual perception through training in such a way, whenever you desire, that you can live in a virtual reality quite different from your normal everyday reality. Spiritual and transcendental experiences can be initiated under conscious control. In contrast to gene technology this does not require complicated high technology. All it takes is to further develop existing training methods and other modalities and the whole spectrum of new possibilities is open to us. The PcE-Trainer is an instrument enabling anybody to further develop our own spirituality. 

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