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Improve Your Immune System
You have a weak immune system

The immune system consists of white bloodcells, amino acids and some specialized organs. Its function is to eliminate and destroy disease agents (i.e. virus), toxins as well as dead cells or mutated cells, like cancer cells. By aimfully activating the inner energy and by daily application of the PcE-Training with the PcE-Trainer under biofeedback control, one strengthens the function of the killer cells (white bloodcells). Leukocytes, macrophages, T-lymphocytes and immuneglobuline producing B-lymphocytes are stimulated to better fight off viruses and bacteria.
We discovered in our lab in 1983, that higher activity in the left cerebral hemisphere will strengthen immune system function. Was the right hemisphere more active, the immune system would be weakened. Based on these insights and results, we instructed people with a weakened immune system (also people with cancer) not only to increase inner energy with the PcE-Training, but also to activate the left cerebral hemisphere. These people not only improved their immune system, but also got rid of depressions which accompany many illnesses.

Measurements of the psychogenic cerebral field showed, that certain psychological and physical responses will result from certain functions within the cerebral hemispheres. If i.e. the left hemisphere is underactivated or has been damaged due to injury, people will be depressed, have no drive and generally feel miserable. Even minor excitements will lead to anxieties and panic. The health will decline. If the right hemisphere is underactivated or has been damaged due to injury, the changes will just be the opposite.  People feel well, are relaxed, have an optimistic outlook, are full of drive, even can be euphoric. The overall health will improve. Due to measurements, one discovered that the back part of the right cerebral hemisphere is especially specialized in the perception of feelings.

American laboratory tests have shown, that in mice, when the left cerebral hemisphere was temporarily deactivitated with some chemicals, the production of T-lymphocytes was drastically reduced (they are most important for our immune system function). They became sick. The deactivation of the right hemisphere did not affect the production of T-lymphocytes, and the mice remained healthy.

If the right cerebral hemisphere is overly activated, the tendency to get sick is very high. This confirms that the brain has a direct influence on our immune system function.

Our measurements clearly revealed, that for every emotion electrical activity in the brain is necessary. Depression, anxiety, lack of drive, etc. are the result of activities in the right hemisphere. If the energy in the left hemisphere is low, this almost always leads to catastrophic reactions. The reduction and elimination of right hemisphere overactivity with biofeedback training (i.e.with the PcE-Trainer) and other training methods will very quickly eliminate depressions, anxieties and other psychic disorders, without the use of any medication, because all these conditions are caused by imbalance between the hemispheres. The severity of the depressions, anxieties, etc. also depend on the general type person, vegatonic or sympapathicotonic. This is a genetically inherited trait. Investigations with older people at the University of Duesseldorf Psychiatric Clinic revealed, that depressions coincide with damages in the brain. Comparisons were made with a control group of the same age, using computerized tomography (CT scans). The results showed that depressive patients had extensive physiological changes in the left cerebral hemisphere. We suppose that a lack of mental activity, engagement in life and intellectual challenges led to the shrinkage of left hemisphere brain mass. This resulted in organic and energetic overactivity of the right cerebral hemisphere, leading to old-age depressions. It is scientifically proven, that a reduction in depressions also leads to better immune function. Therefore we can conclude, that a balance of both cerebral hemispheres is a condition for improvement of the immune function.

In order to improve immune system function, you can do several exercises:

Check your vitality by measuring your vitality factor.
Test if you are right brain dominant by doing the brain dominance test.

  • Are you indeed right brain dominant, activate your left cerebral hemisphere with the special biofeedback training and also do the PcE-Training.
  • Are you left brain dominant or balanced, improve your immune system function by only doing the PcE-Training.
   1.    Measure the Vitality Factor
 to determine the overall energy level of a person
   2.    Brain Dominance Test (Online-Test)
 test your brain dominance
   3.    PcE-Energy Training
 for general increase in energy
   4.    Directed Activation of the Left Brain
 balance your cerebral hemispheres

Training of the Immune system:

The Science of Psycho-Neuro-Immunologie:
The immune system investigators conduct research for more than 20 years, looking at the connections between psyche, nervous system and immune system. The field of mind-body interaction has been pushed forward, and people have definitely confirmed, that we are mind and body as a holistic entity. For the first time a scientific specialty shakes the foundation of traditional medicine.
Mind and body are connected and are one. This knowledge seems to be as old as mankind. It is part of many indigenous cultures and is the basis of all healing modalities in the east.
Our immune system is the place, where investigators see a clear marriage between mind and body. The immune system does not work autonomously, as some immunologists still believed until recently. It was discovered, that it is part of a complex network, where psyche, brain, hormones and immune system communicate with each other via electric impulses in the nerves and changes in potentials in addition to biochemical agents.

Discover the inner healer:
When people with a weak immune system are told that their immune system is a wise and powerful inner ally and healer, and when they learn to get in contact with that power through the use of biofeedback training, a new opportunity is opened up to improve well-being. The technique of visualisation, with many cultures a part of self-regulation, can be easily learned today with the biofeedback training. Today many people make use of visualisation and strengthen the power of their natural killer cells by imagining that the killer cells attack foreign invaders and destroy them. But first they must learn, how the body and the immune system, with the aid of visualisation, can become your personal inner healer. First you must learn to activate and direct your inner energy currents (PcE-Training and biofeedback training with the PcE-Trainer). This can also be done with the hand energy training. Once you know how to active the energy, then you will be able to realize more complex visions. You will discover by doing the training, using mental images, you can now influence inner processes, that normally would function autonomously. You have learned the language of the body. 


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