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Increase Your Life Energy
You feel low in energy

If our body is well functioning, the energy budget will be optimally adjusted.

  • If the energy level of a person falls below 80% of the norm, the person will feel weak.
  • If the energy level falls below 50%, the person is subject to disease and malfunction.
  • If the energy level falls below 30% for a prolonged period, things are getting critical.
  • Any level below 10% is life threatening. 

Many of our organs either have too much or too little energy. Too little energy will weaken the organ, too much energy will accelerate wear and aging.

Today we know, that aging will be accelerated, if too much energy, more than what is needed,  is available. This is where the training with the PcE-Trainer is of immense help, because the energy can be harmonized and properly distributed within the whole body system. Energy blockages will be dissolved and the cells will operate at their optimum. The freed energy will be available for the brain for regeneration and a slowing of the aging process.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to measure life energy and increase it as desired.

   1.    Measure the Vitality Factor
 to determine the overall energy level of a person
   2.    PcE-Energy Training
 for general increase in energy
   3.    Guide Energy with the Hand Cable
 increase and decrease the energy in the hands
   4.    Guide the Energy with the Triple Cable
 increase or decrease the energy at any part of the body
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