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Training of the Will-Power Center in the Thyroid Glands:

Like in a battery the energy in our body flows in the form of a figure eight. The crossing occurs in the solar plexus.

The energy flows from this main current of the figure eight into the acupuncture meridians and from there into the organs. The solar plexus distributes the energy in the body or respectively into the individual cells. The body has two poles, one plus and one minus. The minus pole is in the head and the plus pole is in the pelvis.

The secretion of the glands, the hormones, are biochemical embassadors, causing the body to act out what we call will-power, drives, emotions and motivations. Somebody who is constantly angry, anxious, fearful and feels rejected, constantly activates the adrenal glands, which causes the body to become agressive or exihibit the fear and flight syndrome. 

The thyroid glands are the will-power center of a person. Is the thyroid weak, the person will be lethargic and have low self-esteem and self-confidence.

With biofeedback training we now have the potential for a high degree of influence over the function of the thyroid. Especially with the thyroid, because of its location, we can train it to lower its energy level, if overactivated, or increase its energy level, if underactivated. You can improve your will-power with this training. Activating the thyroid should not be done, if your thyroid is already overactivated and you have a tendency to nervousness. The effect of the training will be noticed during the exercises with a slight pull in the throat area, a feeling of warmth and higher inner activity.

   1.    Train the Thyroid Glands
 to increase your stamina
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