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Finally You can sleep again
You suffer from sleep disorders

About one third of the population suffers from sleep disorders. Sleep is important for regeneration of mind and body. In the long run sleep disorders will lead to lack of energy, rapid decline in performance, irritation and unattentiveness.

On average we sleep between 7 to 8 hours. It does not necessarily mean that you spend one third of your life sleeping. Some people require more in order to feel rested, other people get by with much less sleep

Another aspect that is important is when you sleep. Some people need to sleep in the earlier hours of the night, others much later. Some people are early risers, others will sleep late into the morning.

During the sleep each person goes through different phases, which differ how deep the sleep is. With normal sleep, the depth of sleep will increase rapidly after falling asleep, decrease again after some hours, and get quite shallow towards the morning before waking up. Sleep disorders are either problems falling asleep or problems staying asleep. In older people a common problem is waking up to early in the morning.

Constant unrest and performance drive will lead to nervousness, caused by mental and physical stress. Many sleep disorders are caused by the nervous system. Muscular tension and blockages during the day prevent proper circulation of energy and cause little energy to reach the brain. In the evening when the muscles relax, stress and nervousness subside, energy can flow again and the brain gets charged. This makes it more difficult to fall asleep. You will stay awake for long periods with all kinds of thoughts racing through your head.

Naturally the PcE-Trainer can help. The training of brain activity towards relaxation (values as much as possible into the plus region) of both temples is the perfect training for disorders with falling asleep. After a short period performimg the training, you will keep your head free of any disturbing thoughts. You will fall asleep quickly and will sleep the whole night.

   1.    The basic Relaxation Training
 deactivation of brain potentials
   2.    Feel your Finger Pulse
 connect yourself with inner body functions
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