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How come that so many diets will not reduce weight in the long run? In 95 out of 100 cases will the original weight be regained after a while, sometimes even more. Several factors play a role in this:

  • physiological mechanisms which slow the metabolism when we reduce food intake (an inherited response to insure survival in times of hunger).
  • A possible, genetically fixed percentage of fat content in the body. When the fat content drops below a certain point, our appetite will increase, our metabolism will slow down, so that we get by with less calories. 
  • A reduction in metabolism, which makes losing weight so much more difficult, as a result of overweight or drastic diets.
  • Psychological factors, like stress and negative emotions, thinking that fat gives extra protection.
  • Not enough physical exercise.

Increase in metabolism (=energy consumption at rest) will reduce weight because more fat will be burned. Overweight is the result of more energy intake than energy consumption. In many cases it has nothing to do with a ferocius appetite, but has multiple causes, where genetics, thyroid, metabolism and life circumstances play a role.

If you desire to lose weight, you have to break this viscious circle. This is only possible if you change the way energy is used within your body (metabolism).
Most diets only create so called "YOYO" effects, extremely frustrating to most.
The alarming increase in body weight in developed countries is not due to an increase in enrgy intake, but more the result of reduced metabolism. This is the result of reduced physical activities. There are other aspects, which will be explained below.

Low Metabolism: 
The metabolism is directly related to muscle mass. People with less muscles consume much less energy and will most likely increase weight. This applies to women more than men. Their energy consumption is 200 calories below the one for men (daily consumption). Muscle mass will shrink significantly over age 30. If a person 60 years of age eats as much as a person of 20, he will gain weight very quickly. Many reduction diets will decrease musle mass rather than fat content. This is the result of reduced energy consumption. If you do not constantly reduce food intake, weight will increase again. The metabolism is also effected due to genetics. If you compare families, you will find less variation in metabolism within a family than between families.
That a low metabolism creates overweight very quickly has been proven in several studies. It is also possible, that the activity of the thyroid only stops, when people eat or think about food. You can find this out with the PcE-Trainer and find a remedy for it.

   1.    Train the Thyroid Glands
 to activate your metabolism
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