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You can reduce your Anxieties
You suffer from phobias

How do anxieties develop?
It is unfortunately the case that throughout our lifetime we have to process more negative than positive experiences. These impressions - "shoulds and should-nots" develop into blockages, which become self-imposed limitations and prevent us from new experiences and chances to grow. We do not expect riches, success, health, victories and well-being, unless we were born into such an environment. Even then poor upbringing and negative suggestions will create an influx of stressful experiences. But why are the self imposed limitations so strong? Because every human being, deep inside, fears isolation and rejection. We have been so conditioned to seek acceptance and understanding from others, that without these life would loose all meaning. This is a conditioned response. Some individuals, a genius, a victor, are capable to overcome these anxieties and this conditioning, which depends on increased flexibility in your thinking (higher brain activity). 

In order to become a relaxed and self-actualizing personality, we have to forget what others might think of us or what we ourselves might think about us. When we face a challenge, we know what we are risking. And if we want to win, we need the proper attitude. Our behavior is only a manifestation of our unconscious, inner imagination. This imagination is a direct result of our experiences. Our experience is limited, because we seek acceptance from others, which means we do what others want us to do. This is a viscious circle, which can be broken with patience and sensitivity.

With the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to conquer your anxieties aimfully and its bodily reactions, which accompany your fears.

   1.    Stress Type Test (Online-Test)
 discover if you really suffer from anxieties
   2.    The basic Relaxation Training
 against nervousness and muscle tensions
   3.    Feel your Finger Pulse
 connect yourself with inner body functions
   4.    Expanded Relaxation Training
 deactivate your thyroid against nervousness, muscle tensions

If you train on a regular basis with the PcE-Trainer, you will gain inner calm and strength, and soon you will experience success.


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