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Stress Reduction with the PcE-Trainer
You are an individual under stress

Stress is a constant companion and a sign of the times we live in. More and more people suffer from minor to major symptoms of stress and feel overextended and overloaded. In order to understand stress a little better, one has to realize, that stress reactions are not just caused by external events. Many times we will generate stress on our own (i.e. poor time planning).

So far many strategies have been developed to deal with stress and its symptoms. Biofeedback training has proven itself to be quite effective, because with the help from measurement instruments, training progress can be verified very quickly and enhances the training progress.

What is Stress?

Everything seems to run very smoothly, one feels on top of the world, and is totally happy. Suddenly something happens, and our rhythm and inner balance is disturbed. In such a situation two possible reactions might occur:

  1. we are challenged and motivated to solve the problem or
  2. we have the feeling that we cannot cope with the challenge.

In this case we are under stress and the body is in a state of alarm. One or more of he following symptoms might occur:

  • wet hands, sweating, red face, trembling, fast pulse, cold hands and feet, nervousness, lack of concentration, sadness, depression, panic, muscle tension, digestive disorder...

One can counteract such reactions through focused training of  the bodily reactions. Relaxation and serenity are not just empty words but perceptible improvements in well-being. Relaxed and serene one deals with life more effectively, both private and on the job.

Using the PcE-Trainer you have the opportunity to counteract stress symptoms and aim fully retrain bodily functions which accompany stress.

   1.    The basic Relaxation Training
 against blushing, trembling, fast pulse, nervousness, lack of concentration, etc.
   2.    Feel your Finger Pulse
 connect yourself with inner body functions
   3.    The Hand Energy Training
 against wet hands, trenbling, cold hands and feet, muscle tensions, etc.
   4.    The Stress Type Test (Online-Test)
 Find out before the thyroid training, if you are low in energy or nervous
   5.    The Thyroid Glands Training
 against sad, depressive feelings, indigestion, etc.
   6.    The SEZ-Training
 for increased stress tolerance

Train on a regular basis and your well-being will improve, your energy blockages will disappear and you will utilize your energy more positively.


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