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Overview: The PcE-Trainer
when do you need it, what does it help you with, what does it measure

With the newest, worldwide leading scientific methods and biofeedback systems, it is now possible, for those who are interested, to bring inner life energy under conscious control. This opens for the individual not only unknown sources of power, but also brings new deep insights into sofar unknown psychic dimensions. One could say, that the new PcE-Trainer is high technology, bridging the gap between mind and body.


  • suffer from existential fears, worry about your job or suffer from mobbing
  • feel that your performance capabilities are slipping and often feel exhausted and stressed out
  • suffer from learning difficulties and have problems at school
  • are very successful in your job, but worry about signs of physical symptoms
  • would like to bring more vitality and life energy into your daily life
  • want to increase athletic performance and want to optimize it in specific areas
  • would like to improve your ability to concentrate
  • reach for higher activation of your inner resources

then the
is the ideal tool for you

  • measure and improve your energy level
  • measure and improve your reaction time
  • measure and improve your mental performance capabilities
  • measure and improve your creativity
  • measure and improve your overall physical condition
  • utilize the concentrated power of increased life energy and with the help of this unique instrument bring more energy and well-being into your life

We develop our instruments from our own experience for practical use. The PcE-Trainer is geared towards the individual user at home for measurement and training. It is very easy to operate. It can be easily transported, works standalone without a computer, is battery operated and with its measurement and feedback capabilities can be used for many applications. Because it can be used anywhere, its functionality is enormous. With the help of this instrument everybody can discover the individual inner energy system and influence it through training.

What does the PcE-Trainer measure?
It measures the actual energetic condition (=ULP value) of groups of cells
2 LCD Displays provide the readout for two measurement channels simultaneously


The PcE-Trainer with the use of electrodes measures the charging and discharging processes of the dura mater. These are elctrical activities of the central nervous system and electrical fields, which surround or penetrate the skull and can be measured on the skin surface. The electrical fields are mainly generated due to activities in the different spheres of the brain. Whenever cells become more active, the electrical activities also increase. The PcE-Trainer measures these charging and discharging activities of the cells directly on the skin surface. In order to measure the ultra-long potential waves (=ULP), the user has several options. We would like to emphasize, that the measurements have no similarity with EEG measurements or their potentials.

The instrument allows the measurements on specific points of the skin (head and body areas) in a simple manner. It is also possible to carry out training
modalities on these specific points. The simultaneous digital readout (LCD-Displays) of the potentials of two measurement channels allows the observation of two measurement points at the same time. Each display not only shows the magnitude but also the polarity of the potential difference between point P1 and point P2. Areas of the body which are quite active will show minus values of higher magnitude, areas that are less active will show lower magnitude minus values or might even show positive values. The right application of electrodes, gel and proper cables insures undisturbed measurements. The PcE-Trainer is not a medical diagnostic or therapy instrument!

One measures for instance:

  • the left and right brain hemispheres (frontal lobes)
  • the left and right temple
  • the left and right hand
  • the left and right lobe of the thyroid

In addition you can also measure:

  • the energy centers (i.e. brain center) 
  • the vitality points


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