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The measurements of the CHI - energy
Artictle about Master Mantak Chia

Master Mantak Chia was born as a son of Chinese parents in Thailand. At the age of 7 Buddhistic monks called his attention to the secrets of the Tao masters. He began to study the Taoism and enlarged his knowledge about it all his life through. He learned e.g. Aikido, Yoga, Tai Chi, Kundalini Yoga, techniques about the secret 'steel body', Thai boxing, different secret Kundalini practices, Kung Fu, Shaolin techniques, Ironshirt Chi Kung and many different meditation techniques. With this knowledge in the background, he studied western medicine and anatomy while he worked very successfully as a manager. As he was living for several years in the US where he built up the Healing Tao Center in Huntington, N.Y., he is familiar with western ways of thinking.

His books and his worldwide teaching of wholistic knowledge made Master Chia internationally well known and his teaching is acknowledged both in the east and west. Today Master Chia contributes all his time to teach his system, the 'Healing Tao', writing different books and to run the International Healing Tao Center at Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Short summary:

Life energy, chi, or whatever it may be called in different cultures, is no longer a myth. This statement was proved once more with the measurements taken on Master Mantak Chia in the ' Institut fur angewandte Biokybernetik und Feedbackforschung (IBF)' of Vienna. The evaluation of the readings significantly indicated the amount of energy Master Mantak Chia activates within himself doing simple meditation practices. This energy stays in his body even after the practice session is over and is available for any other activity.

Such amazing measurements had never before been taken at the institute. The completed biofeedback results convinced the Director of the Institute, Gerhard Eggetsberger. He stated, "The practices of the Healing Tao are, up to now, the only ones I can flatly recommend to everyone."

These tests also showed that the organs, abdominal area and brain are connected. Western science has shown that the abdomen also has a brain, which is connected to the larger brain in the head. The Tao discovered that it is easier to create and store energy in the abdomen than in the brain. It is easier to concentrate and control the abdominal brain than to control the "monkey mind” brain in the head.

The measurements taken certify that the simple basic practices of the Healing Tao have a positive effect in many ways. If practiced on a regular basis these exercises lead to one's physical and mental improvement in life and to spiritual development.

The measurements in detail:

On October 25th, 1996 the so-called ULP (ultralente or ultraslow brain potentials), were measured on Master Chia while he performed a series of Healing Tao meditations and practices at the IBF. The level of ULP closely correlates to the flow of energy in the body: clarity, efficiency, health, the ability to concentrate, the ability to react, the sexual experience and other mental activities. The measuring instrument was a biofeedback device developed in the IBF: the PcE-Scanner. The measured figures for the right and left brain are illustrated in the diagram.

First Test: The Inner Smile.

Master Mantak Chia smiles down into his abdomen and warms it up as he concentrates on it. He smiles to his organs, particularly to his heart and he feels love. His energy level increases constantly while doing this (see graph figure 1 -3). His body is relaxed and his heart beat remains calm despite the increasing energy levels.

Second Test: The Microcosmic Orbit.

Master Mantak Chia stimulates his life energy to circulate in both main meridians of the body. Through this practise the energy level increases and remains in the body (see graph figure 4 - 8). The energy from the perineum rises up to the head and starts to balance the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Then Master Chia closes the orbit through guiding the energy down to the perineum again. He feels heat on the soles of his feet, in the navel and in his organs. The energy circulates fast and distributes heat throughout the body.

Third Test: The Orgasmic Upward Draw - Multi-orgasm

Master Mantak Chia opens his heart, feels the fire of love and compassion. He also feels the fire in the navel and opposite the navel (Ming Meng). Feeling the heat and the three fires very strong he sends the fire down and smiles into the sexual organs. When the orgasmic feeling arises in the sexual organs he expands that energy into the abdomen and guides it up into the brain. He constantly feels the loving, aroused and orgasmic energy. He remains calm and peaceful especially in his heart. The energy level increases further (see diagram figure 9 - 10) and the right and left brain readings are almost balanced at a very high level.

According to Taoist Masters each organ can absorb and store energy and as a consequence take the heat generated during the practice. The activated energy of Master Mantak Chia therefore comes mainly from the organs and not from his brain. He is very relaxed throughout the whole practice and feels the energy channels in his body so that the organs can store the newly added energy.

During the entire test there was no increase in Master Chia's pulse rate or muscle tension: in particular, not during the orgasmic upward draw (which is contrary to measurements taken during a normal orgasm).

The results of all the measurements on all the tests clearly show that Master Mantak Chia's energy increases and holds steady in spite of pauses between practices, and of the disturbance of others talking with him and asking questions.The employees of the IBF and all who took part in the testing considered the results remarkable.

 Mr. Eggetsberger shared some very interesting information while discussing the findings with the people present. For inexperienced practitioners and those who practice improperly, regardless of school or tradition, the brain can only take a small amount of energy, channeling the excess heat back to the body, and ultimately creating blockages to the flow of energy upward. In this respect the body can grow old more quickly and be more prone to degenerative illnesses. He explained that from a certain energy level upwards, which Master Mantak Chia has long exceeded, different physical changes happen in the brain: new synapses are built, the brain is activated, the protein structure of the brain changes. According to Mr. Eggetsberger these are main prerequisites to opening up and experiencing higher consciousness and the development of the 6th and 7th senses. In this regards humanity may be taking another step on its evolution. The Healing Tao system can make an important contribution to this evolution.

On further talks with Master Mantak Chia, Mr. Eggetsberger discovered some similarities between the Taoist knowledge and results whichhave been scientifically proved at the IBF. Also the PcE - training, which has been developed by the IBF and has been scientifically proved through the test results, shows some similarities with the Healing Tao.

Conclusion and practical application:

The practice of the Inner Smile is strongly recommended to managers in administrative and supervisory positions. Typically, they use coffee to increase their energy, which also increases their heart beat and blood pressure. Instead of stimulants they could practice the Inner Smile and feel their energy increase in a natural way. When you stimulate your energy with natural or artificial drugs, the energy is squeezed out of your adrenals and nervous system and drops again very quickly. However, when one completes the practices of the Inner Smile, Microcosmic Orbit and Orgasmic Upward Draw, the energy continues to increase for the next 20 minutes and will stay at a high level for the next 12 to 24 hours.

Clemens Kasa, Vienna

Books about these topics:

Mantak and Maneewan Chia,
'Awaken Healing Light of the Tao', 'Taoist Ways to Transform Stress into Vitality', 'Taoists Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy', 'Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy' and several other books; Healing Tao Books edition, Chiang Mai, Thailand


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