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Introduction: Each of the hemispheres of our brain have prescribed functions or specialities. In this manner the brain avoids duplication of function. Our hemispheres always work together so that we will experience a combination of right and left hemisphere in everything we do. There is, however, a tendency for one hemisphere to be dominant. This dominance effects how we respond to new experiences and situations,. Armed with the knowledge of how we use our brains, we are better equipped to know the style of learning most effective to us.

To measure or train your brain hemispheres use the PcE-Trainer ...

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This program will help you to determine witch hemisphere of your brain is dominant. It also determines whether you react in a more auditory or visual manner, another key factor in determining your learning style.

   1.    Klick here for more information on the PcE-Trainer
 With the PcE-Trainer you can measure your brain hemispheres.
   2.    How to Balance Your Brain Hemispheres
 Balance your Brain Hemispheres with the use of the PcE-Trainer


About the PcE Trainer:

The PcE-Trainer with the use of electrodes measures the charging and discharging processes of the dura mater. These are elctrical activities of the central nervous system and electrical fields, which surround or penetrate the skull and can be measured on the skin surface. The electrical fields are mainly generated due to activities in the different spheres of the brain. Whenever cells become more active, the electrical activities also increase. The PcE-Trainer measures these charging and discharging activities of the cells directly on the skin surface. In order to measure the ultra-long potential waves (=ULP), the user has several options. We would like to emphasize, that the measurements have no similarity with EEG measurements or their potentials.

The instrument allows the measurements on specific points of the skin (head and body areas) in a simple manner. It is also possible to carry out training
modalities on these specific points. The simultaneous digital readout (LCD-Displays) of the potentials of two measurement channels allows the observation of two measurement points at the same time. Each display not only shows the magnitude but also the polarity of the potential difference between point P1 and point P2. Areas of the body which are quite active will show minus values of higher magnitude, areas that are less active will show lower magnitude minus values or might even show positive values. The right application of electrodes, gel and proper cables insures undisturbed measurements ...


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